Frequently Asked Questions

About Fankind

What is Fankind?

Fankind is a website where fans, celebrities & charities come together to help create magic. We curate and bring to life celebrity-related experiences for fans, that help raise funds for social causes and charities. 

With the help of our philanthropy partner GiveIndia, you will be able to donate to a good cause, and that donation will help you win a magical experience with your favourite Celebrity.

Can I contribute to more than one experience at a time?

Yes, certainly! We encourage you to dream big and support as many causes as you can by transacting in multiple experiences.

Do I need to create an account to participate in an experience?

We provide a guest checkout option in case you don’t want to create a Fankind account. However, if you do create an account, you become a member of the Fankind Family, and gain access to our referral program. Using your unique referral link, you then get to collect and redeem extra entries to win the dream experience, that you can redeem during checkout. And, you get to see all your order information & transactions in one place. Account holders are also added to our email list for exclusive updates and promo codes in the future. #SquadGoals!

How do I participate to win an experience on the website?
  1. Pick your experience: Find a once-in-a-lifetime experience that excites you from our menu of Live Experiences
  2. Donate for an entry to win the experience. The more you donate, the more your chances of living the dream experience with your favorite celebrity
  3. Win-Win: Your donation goes towards an important social cause, and the winners get to fulfill the dream experience! 

Psst.. Did you know about our Invite & Earn Referral Program? You can get extra entries to win the experience by simply inviting your friends and family. 

Here’s how - Create an account on our website & share your unique link with your friends. For each new person that makes a contribution to one of our campaigns using your link, you get 3 Referral Entries in your account. 

Each entry can be redeemed at checkout for an extra chance to meet your favourite celebrity! The best part is that we even reward your friend with 3 Referral Entries that they can use at their next transaction. 

So start sharing your unique link with your squad, and if they win, ask them to bring you along as their plus one! This is a win-win for everyone!

Can I suggest experiences that can be added to the menu in the future

Yes, we would love to hear from you! Please enter your dream experience or the name of your favourite celebrity and we will do our best to include it in our upcoming experiences.

Does Fankind have job openings?

We are always looking for bright and enthusiastic team members to help us curate and create magical experiences. If you want to change lives for the better, and if you believe in magic, please contact us. Someone from our team will get in touch with you as soon as a career opportunity opens up at Fankind.

Blue Jersey Auction

How do I bid for my favourite set of jerseys?

Bidding begins on 20th September 2021 & Ends on 2nd October 2021

  • Log onto
  • Select your favourite jersey-set
  • Enter your bid amount.
    This is an auction, which means that the jerseys will be sold to the highest bidder. Pro-tip: To win, make sure to enter a bid amount that is higher than the current highest bid displayed.
  • Click on ‘Bid Now’ and then proceed to checkout. 
    First-time bidders will be asked to register & pay a one-time fee of INR 100 in order to participate in the auction
  • Enter your billing & shipping details
  • You are all set!

    Keep coming back to the website and making sure yours is the current highest bid in order to win the jersey-set
I’m unable to register. What do I do?

We apologise! Please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will help you further.

Do I have to pay the registration fee again if I want to bid again?

Nope! The registration fee is a one-time payment needed to participate and begin placing your bids in the auction. If you have already registered and placed your bid once, you do not need to pay the fee again. Make sure to use the same email ID when bidding again so that Fankind waives the fee for you.

The jerseys are bundled in sets of two. Does my bid amount make me eligible to win both the jerseys in the set?

Yes! When you place a bid, you are bidding for the pair of jerseys you can see in the set! If you win, you are entitled to the autographed jerseys of both the players in that set!

Can I place bids for multiple jersey-sets in the auction?

Absolutely! If you wish to own multiple jerseys, you can bid for all of your favourites. Once you have paid the Rs. 100 registration fee and placed your first bid, you can keep coming back to place multiple bids on different jersey sets (or on the one that you want). There is no limit to the number of times you can bid. Each time you bid, make sure to use the same email ID you used to register when you placed your first bid, so that Fankind waives the fee for you.

Will the jerseys be autographed by the players?

Yes! Each player will personally autograph their jersey. 

I have placed my bid. What next?

If you are an Indian citizen, you will receive your 80-G tax exemption certificate in a separate email from GiveIndia.

You will receive a bid confirmation email from Fankind. 

Pro tip: Keep bidding to ensure that your bid is always the highest! 

Team Fankind may contact you to verify your bid. You may be asked to share a copy of your government-issued ID for verification purposes.

Once the auction closes:

If you are one of the Top 5 bidders for the jersey sets of Virat Kohli, or
AB de Villiers, or Glenn Maxwell - you will be invited to a Zoom call on 4th October where you would be able to bid live against the other participants, so that we may arrive at the top bid.

If you are identified as the highest bidder for any of the other jersey-sets, team Fankind will get in touch with you to verify your shipping address & share the payment details so that you may complete the transaction and we can ship the jersey-set to you! You will need to complete the entire payment within 48 hours, failing which, the jersey-set will be sold to the next highest bidder.

My bid amount is not visible as the current highest bid for the jersey-set. What do I do?

It is possible that someone outbid you immediately! Make sure that your bid amount was higher than the amount listed as the current highest bid for your selected jersey-set. If it was and your bid is not showing as the current highest bid, get in touch with us at [email protected].

How do I know that I’m the highest bidder for my select jersey-set?

Your last bid amount should be equal to the amount showing up as the current highest bid for your select jersey-set. If it is, it means that you currently hold the highest bid for the product. If multiple people have bid the same amount as the current highest, the first one to place that bid is considered the potential winner. 

I am an international citizen. Am I eligible to participate/in the auction?

Yes, The auction is open to citizens of countries where virtual bidding in an auction is legally permissible & the jerseys can be shipped worldwide. (Exclusions: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mainland China).

What percentage of money donated through the auction goes to charity? What cause is the money being used for?

95% of the proceeds will be donated to GiveIndia, post deducting logistics and shipping fee. GiveIndia will be deploying the funds to the “Vaccination For All” mission to fund and deliver vaccines to poor and at-risk communities in semi-urban India. They do this through their network of affiliated NGOs and hospitals to conduct free vaccination drives for communities that at present do not have access to free vaccination centres. 

I have not received my 80-G tax exemption certificate. What do I do?

Indian citizens are eligible for a tax exemption certificate (80G) for the donation component of the registration fee (INR 95). Please check your spam or junk mail folder as it may have been delivered there. If not, please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to deliver the tax-exemption certificate to you as soon as possible.

Vaccinations are available for free through the National Vaccination Programme. How would the funds raised through this auction contribute?

Vaccines are provided free of cost to Indian citizens only through government vaccination centres. However, only 12% of India’s population has been fully vaccinated so far. While in most urban communities there is awareness and better availability of vaccines, the reality is very different for the semi-urban population. Multiple factors like lack of access to government vaccination centres or health clinics, digital illiteracy in scheduling appointments, and vaccine hesitancy due to misinformation and rumours, have led to an unequal rollout of vaccines in India. To tackle the lack of access and availability of free vaccines faced by low-income groups, GiveIndia has partnered with Narayana Health for providing vaccines through their hospital networks and mobile vaccination drives. The goal is to make free vaccines available to citizens who at present do not have such access, and your contributions via this fundraiser will go a long way in making India fully vaccinated. 

When does the auction end?

The auction ends at 11:59 PM on 2nd October, 2021. Make sure you place your bids before then to win your favourite autographed jerseys!

What is the live bidding session on Zoom?

Once the auction closes on the website, the top 5 highest bidders of the following jersey-sets will be invited for a quick live bidding session to be organized for 4th October:

  1. Virat Kohli & K.S Bharat
  2. AB de Villiers & Suyash Prabhudessai
  3. Glenn Maxwell & Pavan Deshpande

If you are one of the Top 5 bidders for any of these jersey sets, you will be invited to a Zoom call on 4th October where you will have a chance to win the jersey-sets by being able to outbid the other participants, so that we may arrive at the top bid & the eventual owner of the jerseys.

What happens if I win?

Once the auction closes, if you are the highest bidder, team Fankind will get in touch with you on 3rd October 2021.

If you are one of the Top 5 bidders for the jersey sets of Virat Kohli, or AB de Villiers, or Glenn Maxwell - you will be invited to a Zoom call on 4th October where you would be able to bid live against the other participants, so that we may arrive at the top bid.

If you are identified as the highest bidder for any of the other jersey-sets, team Fankind will get in touch with you to verify your shipping address & share the payment details so that you may complete the transaction and we can ship the jersey-set to you!

You will need to complete the payment within 48 hours, failing which, the jersey-set will be sold to the next highest bidder.

When will I receive my jerseys if I have won?

Fankind shall endeavour to ship the jerseys from our Mumbai office within 72 hours of the payment being received by GiveIndia and Fankind. However, in the event there are restrictions placed on the delivery or shipping of non-essential products in Mumbai and/or in any other area where the winner is residing, then the delivery of the jerseys shall be done as and when the restrictions are lifted by the government authorities. Our team will be in contact with you to share the status of the package once a tracking number is shared with us by the delivery partner.

Experience Related

How many winners are selected for each experience?

For virtual experiences fulfilled via video calls, up to 5 winners are chosen, unless otherwise stated on the experience page.

For our in-person experiences, one winner will be selected for each experience. The winner will be invited to bring along one guest of their choice.

Do I have to be above 18 to be eligible to win an experience?

Here’s the good news - people of all ages are eligible to use the website and make a donation for a chance to win the experience. But if you are under 18, we ask that you have someone who is over the age of 18 present with you when you are transacting on our website, and to accompany you as your plus one when you win the experience. This could be your parent or a sibling or a legal guardian who is at least 18 years old. 

How is the winner picked for each experience?

We believe that everybody who donates should have a chance of being picked the winner. Therefore, we use a system where each donation is treated equally. To make sure each winner is selected completely at random, we use the services of an unbiased third party computer-generated randomizing platform ( We do this only after the experience has ended and all transactions have been completed. 

When will I know whether I have won?

Unless otherwise stated, winners will be announced on the website within 25 days of the campaign ending. The information will also be shared by email to everyone who has contributed to the experience. If you have won, our team will personally email you with the good news. We will take care of your travel and accommodation, while liaising with the celebrity, so you can focus on making magical memories and having the best day ever!

If I win the experience, will Fankind take care of my ticket expense?

For in-person experiences - Yes, Fankind will fly or drive the winner down to the city the experience is taking place in. And if you are not a resident of the city where the experience is being hosted, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In that case, we will put you up in a hotel, too. All you’ve got to do is pack your bags and be ready to join the magic!

Is there a maximum number for entries per person for each campaign?

In order to make sure each person has an equal chance of being chosen the winner, we have restricted the maximum entries per person for each experience to 10,000 entries, irrespective of how you enter (via paid entries or Bonus Entries or Referral Entries).

Rewards and Referral

What are the different types of rewards I can earn?
  • For every donation made, you will receive an autographed digital certificate from the celebrity, personalized with your name on it!
  • You can earn Referral Entries via our invite and earn Referral Program. For every person you invite that completes a transaction on our website using your unique link, you receive 3 free Referral Entries, and your friend receives 3 Referral Entries too. 
  • Additionally, for transactions with a checkout amount of Rs 200 or higher, you receive Bonus Entries. This is just a tiny gesture from us to say thank you for your donation. More information on that can be found on the experience page.
What is the Invite & Earn program?

This is a referral program on our platform. It works by providing each account holder with their very own super cool and unique link. 

All you have to do is share your link with your friends and family, and make sure they complete a transaction on our website using your link. As soon as they finish their first transaction, you will receive your referral benefits in the form of 3 Referral Entries in your account. 

You can then redeem your Referral Entries during checkout, within one year from the date that they were collected in your account. The best part is, your friend will also get 3 Referral Entries too, for him or her to use at their next transaction! All thanks to you and your super awesome unique link! 

How do I know if someone used my referral code?

You will receive an email notifying you after your friend completes a transaction using your code. Once the transaction is verified, your Referral Entries will be visible in your account within 24 hours.

I have Referral Entries in my account. How do I redeem them?

Thank you for spreading the word about Fankind among your friends and family. The next time you checkout with a value of Rs. 200 or higher, you can simply redeem your Referral Entries during checkout in the “Referral Entries” section. Please note that you need to be signed in to your account so that your accrued entries are available for use during checkout.

How do I see the status of my Referral Entries?

Please sign in to your account and go to your profile. There, please click on the “refer and earn” section. Here, you can confirm who signed up with your referral link, and view your entire referral history. 

Do the Referral Entries in my account have an expiry date?

Yes, Referral Entries are valid for one year from the date that they are accumulated in your account. 

Donation Related

How is GiveIndia associated with Fankind?

GiveIndia is Fankind’s philanthropy partner. 

GiveIndia is registered as a not-for-profit company u/s 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. (Reg. No. 04-37902, dtd. April 28, 2000), with the RoC, Gujarat.

They verify and vet each NGO with a thorough due diligence and compliance process covering legal, financial, and implementation aspects. They help make sure all the donations collected for each experience on Fankind reach the promised NGO, and are used to support the celebrity’s chosen purpose. GiveIndia also provides Fankind impact updates based on reports from the respective NGOs, so that we can keep you informed on how your donation is helping the charities make a real difference. 

What percentage of money donated to GiveIndia from each experience goes towards the designated end-use charity?

For each experience, GiveIndia effectively passes on 90% of your donations to the celebrity’s chosen charity.

What tax benefits am I eligible for?

If you are an Indian citizen, you are eligible for a tax exemption certificate (80G) on the amount of money that is directly being donated to charity (unless otherwise stated on the experience page). 

For your donation, our philanthropy partner, GiveIndia, will email you an 80G certificate. 

In order for GiveIndia to issue you the 80G certificate, we share with them your name, PAN (if your donation is above the prescribed limit) email ID and postal address.

How do I know my donation has reached the NGO that the experience supports?

Our philanthropy partner, GiveIndia, ensures that all the donations collected are cumulatively shared with the NGO within 30 days of the close of the campaign. We will publish an impact update, received from GiveIndia, two months after the closure of a campaign. This will update you about how the funds collected through our website were used to support a particular cause. You could write to us for more information about a cause you have supported and we will report back with as many details as we can.

Where can I get Fankind’s PAN?

As the 80G certificates are issued by GiveIndia, the beneficiaries of the donation, you do not need Fankind’s PAN. GiveIndia’s PAN is available on the 80G certificates that are issued. Their PAN card copy can be found here

I represent an NGO and we would like to be associated with Fankind. How do I get in touch with your team?

That’s wonderful! Please fill out this form and our team will take it further if we believe we can work together on a campaign.  

Account Information/Troubleshooting

How can I change my account settings? (e.g. profile name, password, email address, and email notifications)

You can change all of your settings on your profile page.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Please click 'Forgot Password' on the login page. We will send you an email with a link that will enable you to reset your password.

I have successfully completed the transaction on the payment gateway and the money has been debited from my account, but I have not yet received a confirmation email from Fankind. What do I do?

Oh no! We apologize for the delay. Sometimes, the system can take up to 24 hours to share the confirmation email. If you have still not received any confirmation after 24 hours, please contact us by filling this form here.

Additionally, if you have a Fankind account, your transaction history will contain the Fankind invoice as well as the 80G donation certificate. 

When will I receive a receipt for my transaction?

You will receive a confirmation via email within 24 hours of your transaction. You can download Fankind’s invoice for the Entry Fees from the transaction history page in your Fankind account.

An 80G certificate will also be emailed to you by GiveIndia, and the same will also be available to download from your Fankind account transaction history page. 

I emailed your customer service team. When should I expect a response?

We try to respond to all emails within 48 hours of receiving them. Please note that this time frame may be extended during and immediately after a new experience is launched.

Is my account information secure?

Yes, absolutely! We securely encrypt all your personal information on our server. You can learn more about this by reading our Privacy Policy.

How do I know my transaction is secure?

Fankind is SSL-certified. We use CCAvenue and Razorpay as our payment gateways, both of which are ISO certified and PCI compliant. CCAvenue's SISA PCI certificate can be viewed here. Razorpay’s ISO27001 compliance certificate can be viewed here. For added safety, we do not store any payment information on our servers.

Refunds and Payments

What is the refund policy if I have made an extra donation by error or if I want to withdraw from the experience?

As the donation from each transaction goes directly to our partner NGO (GiveIndia), we do not provide refunds once a transaction has been made. Every donation helps support an extraordinary cause, while giving you an opportunity to be selected for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What payment methods do you accept?

CC avenue is our payment gateway for modes of payments issued in India. It is UPI-friendly and PCI compliant. CCAvenue offers a wide range of payment options which includes all the major Credit Cards, Net Banking options, Debit Cards, ATM PIN Debit Cards, Prepaid Instruments, and Bank EMI. We accept all payment wallets that are associated with the payment gateway (such as PayTM, JioMoney, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Ola Money, PayZapp etc). 
Razorpay is our payment gateway for Internationally issued debit and credit cards. We accept all forms of debit and credit card payments accepted by Razorpay, including Visa, American Express and Mastercard.

Do I have to share my PAN?

In order for GiveIndia to be able to issue an 80-G certificate, we need the following details for each transaction: your name, email ID, postal address and phone number. As per Indian law, we need your PAN only if your annual donation (within a financial year) exceeds Rs. 50,000 in order to share the 80G certificate. Therefore, we will only ask for your Pan information if you meet this criterion.