Play Antakshari with Huma Qureshi

And support Cuddles Foundation

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  • Donate to provide nutritious, freshly-cooked meals, nutritional support & supplements to underprivileged children who are undergoing treatment to beat cancer, via Cuddles Foundation.
  • Your contribution will give you a chance to play a game of Antakshari with Huma Qureshi, over a video call. A total of 5 winners will be randomly selected.
  • Each kit costs Rs. 2000 for a month. This provides a child with hot meals and supplements, to help increase the child's immunity and battle cancer.
  • Every donation gets you a personalized autographed certificate from Huma!
  • Indian citizens will receive an 80G tax exemption certificate for your donation.
  • Use the promo code FANKIND500 at checkout to receive 500 bonus entries when you transact for Rs500 or more. 

About the Experience

We know the reason for your hichkiyan! Or may we say, Ishqiya!

It’s because Huma is all set to play antakshari with you! That’s right! This is your chance to virtually hangout with Huma Qureshi!

Get ready for an awesome evening of getting to know her, asking her all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and then showing her some of your best musical talent. Put your Bollywood playlist on shuffle, because you’ve got to remember the lyrics of all those classic songs!

5 winners will get a chance to virtually hangout with Huma - and she already has a name for you'll - The Gangs of Sangeetpur!

So what are you waiting for? Donate now and… shuru karo antakshari le kar Huma ka naam!  

About Cuddles Foundation

Cuddles Foundation provides holistic nutrition support and food to underprivileged children fighting cancer across India. Even with the best medical care, 8 out of 10 children who are malnourished lose the fight to cancer. Over 50,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in India. 40% of them are malnourished at diagnosis.

With this campaign, we are helping raise funds for their "FoodHeals" Program.  
The program is customised to each child’s medical condition. Cuddles works with more than 30 government and charity hospitals to provide them with nutritionists who are trained for pediatric cancer nutrition. They monitor the child's progress, create diet plans, educate their parents in home-based nutrition, provide the children and their families with hot meals, nutritional supplements and ration baskets so that the kids have the strength to fight their cancer.

By sponsoring the FoodHeals program, you help children experience lesser side-effects and treatment complications, fewer breaks or delays in treatment, improved chances for survival, better immunity against infection and a feeling of being supported and cared for.

Feed a Child. Starve Cancer. 

Legal stuff

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  3. A total of 5 Candidates will be randomly selected by a third party for the Celebrity Experience with the Celebrity. The winners (“Confirmed Candidates”) will be announced on 15th November, 2020. 
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