Play Antakshari with Vidya Balan

And support Arpan

This experience has ended. With your love & contribution, through this campaign, we have been able to assist 117 children and their parents. Scroll down to check out who the winners are. 

  • Donate to help support Arpan provide personal safety education to children, to help prevent children from getting sexually abused. This also includes providing counselling and training to the child’s parents.
  • COVID-19 has drastically reduced the funding available to Arpan. It costs Rs 2500 to help prevent 1 child from getting sexually abused. 
  • Your contribution will give you a chance to play a game of Antakshari with Vidya Balan, over a video call. A total of 5 winners will be randomly selected.
  • Every donation gets you a personalized autographed certificate from Vidya!
  • Indian citizens will receive an 80G tax exemption certificate for your donation.
  • Use the promo code FANKIND500 at checkout to receive 500 bonus entries when you transact for Rs500 or more. 

About the experience

Vivek, Nishi, Karishma and Vasanthi & surprise guest Janhvi Kapoor indulged in an afternoon of fun and laughter with Vidya! After a happy round of introductions, they started antakshari, le kar Vidya ka naam! Janhvi showcased her inner lyricist by crafting new songs on the go, while Karishma mesmerized everyone with her lovely voice, and Nishi delighted everyone with just the right song at the right time. Vivek showed us he is the king of Antakshari as he was ever ready with a song whenever anyone else got stuck, and Vidya stole the show every time and sang in a way that made everyone want to sing along! The antakshari traversed the whole spectrum of Hindi music: from “mere khwaabon mein jo aaye” to “thande thande paani se”; from “woh lamhe” to “oonchi hai building”, it was a melodious mix of old and new favourites. Nishi ended the last round with a beautiful rendition of “jaane kyun dil jaanta hai, tu hai toh I’ll be alright”. Indeed, as long as we have these beautiful memories with Vidya in our hearts, we can ride out any situation – and that includes the roller coaster of the year that is 2020!

About Arpan

1 in 2 children experiences some form of Child Sexual Abuse (Ministry of Women and Child Development Study, 2007). In majority cases, the abuse is committed by a person the child knows and trusts. However, child sexual abuse still remains vastly unacknowledged and hidden.

The COVID-19 lockdown has had a further debilitating impact – with children pretty much locked up at home, the past 7 months have seen over 13,000 reported cases of child sexual abuse in India. 

Arpan’s Personal Safety Education program empowers children (age 6-15 years) by providing them with knowledge and skills to prevent abuse, teaches them how to seek help if unsafe, and counsels them if they face abuse. The program also works to educate their adult caregivers to create safe environments. It has been successful in making children aware of safe and unsafe touches, getting away from unsafe situations, and seeking help. With INR 2500, Arpan can help teach Personal Safety Education to one child, inclusive of counselling for the child and training of the child’s parents and teachers.

Legal stuff

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