Play a game of paintball with Varun Dhawan

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  • A chance to play a fun, private paintball game with Varun (OMG!)
  • We will take care of the winner's travel to Mumbai and put you up at an awesome hotel
  • The winner also gets to bring a friend along (we cover their travel & hotel stay too)
  • Autographed merchandise, personalised just for YOU!
  • Lots of Selfies & bragging rights forever!
  • The first 100 donors will receive a small gift from Fankind
  • Every donation takes us 1 step closer to improving the lives of farmers in Beed, Maharashtra through Manvalok foundation
  • Every Indian donor gets an 80G tax-exempt certificate from GiveIndia

When Amitesh met Varun

About the experience

Varun’s energy, charm and sense of humour all came together in the private paintball session with Amitesh and his sister Asawari! The game was hosted at The Club, Mumbai. The special surprise was that Janhvi Kapoor joined Amitesh, his sister Asawari and Varun to play the game! DOUBLE THE FUN we say!!

We flew Amitesh and his sister to Mumbai, and after a warm welcome at the airport, they proceeded to check into the hotel, where they had breakfast with our founder Anshula and team Fankind. We had a special surprise with personalized goodies waiting for them in their room, and they brought with them heartwarming presents for our founder too! Thereafter, Amitesh and Asawari headed to The Club, Mumbai for lunch, and shortly after, Varun surprised them by the poolside! After a fun session of gupshup, they headed to the gaming arena for a super fun, colour-filled, action-packed game of paintball! All in all, we created magical memories to cherish forever.

Venue Partner: The Club, Mumbai

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About Manavlok

Manavlok is a grassroot level foundation in Maharashtra, that works towards the betterment of marginal farmers, landless labourers and women. They have helped improve the lives of over 30,000 families in more than 150 villages, across the districts of Beed, Osmanabad & Latur.

With your help, we have raised funds for Manavlok’s horticulture initiative in Beed, through which farmers will be provided with the necessary training, drip irrigation devices, saplings, fertilizers and support to cultivate non-traditional crops such as custard apple, in order to supplement their annual income and lessen their reliance on traditional crops that fail to thrive in drought conditions.

Project Updates:

20th November 2019: Manavlok received the donation amount collected through this campaign via GiveIndia. They begin work to implement the horticulture program in Palaskheda village from Kaij block of Beed district.

January 2020: Seeds for custard apple cultivation have been procured and are being prepared for sowing. 44 farmers & 44 acres of land for the project have been identified. 1 acre of custard apple plantation includes about 400 plants, which can be sold by farmers in the market for Rs. 2,00,000. After deducting farming costs, they earn a profit of Rs. 1,00,000 – which is significantly higher than the per-acre profit they earn for traditional crops, which is about Rs. 25,000.

Land preparation for sowing is scheduled for June 2020. July-August 2020 is the actual plantation and installation of the drip irrigation system.

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Legal stuff

Our lawyers really want you to know that -

  1. This Celebrity Experience is open only to residents of India (citizens of India residing in India, as well as non-citizens that are residing in India).
  2. Tax exemption certificate (the “80-G certificate”) issued under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 is only available for citizens of India. After the transaction is completed, Give India will issue and email the 80-G certificate to the Donor.
  3. The checkout value of Rs. 300/- is inclusive of an entry fee of Rs. 90/- for every Donation amount of Rs. 210/- transferred to Give India. Effectively, 70% of the checkout value is donated to charity.
  4. The Donation is the qualification for an opportunity to win the Celebrity Experience. For every Donation of Rs. 210/-, the User will qualify for 1 opportunity of winning the Celebrity Experience. Each User is allowed a maximum of 1000 opportunities, inclusive of paid entries, Bonus entries & entries redeemed through the Referral Program. 
  5. This Campaign will begin at 12:00 A.M IST on 5th August, 2019, and end at 11:59:59 P.M. IST on 18th September, 2019. The chosen Candidate for the Celebrity Experience with Varun Dhawan (“Confirmed Candidate”) will be announced on or before 10th October, 2019.
  6. This Celebrity Experience qualifies for the redemption of referral entries earned by Fankind Account holders (via the Referral Program). They can be redeemed by the User at the checkout page.
  7. The minimum age to play paintball is 14 years. The date, time, and venue of the Celebrity Experience will be pre-determined by Fankind in consultation with the Celebrity and shall be subject to change at our sole discretion. Further, the Celebrity Experience will be scheduled to take place approximately within 60 days of the Confirmed Candidate being selected.
  8.  Prior to announcing the Confirmed Candidate, a conditional Candidate will be chosen through a random selection process conducted via a third party. A verification process will take place during which the conditional Candidate will be required to re-confirm their eligibility and ability to participate in the Celebrity Experience through a background verification conducted by a third party. Only subsequent to the completion of a positive background check will the Candidate be a Confirmed Candidate of the relevant Celebrity Experience.
  9. Apart from the Confirmed Candidate, 100 other candidates who have made Donation(s) will be chosen through a random selection process and will be gifted with Fankind merchandise. We will ship this merchandise within 60 days of the selection of the Confirmed Candidate.
  10. The Confirmed Candidate and any person accompanying the Confirmed Candidate (“Selected Individuals”) agree that they are voluntarily participating in the Campaign and Celebrity Experience as per the terms and conditions stated here (“Terms of Use”), as well as the terms hereunder and in any other terms agreed to between Fankind and the Selected Individuals.
  11. The Celebrity has agreed to provide a wonderful Celebrity Experience out of their good faith and their compassion to help the Designated Charity. Hence, the Confirmed Candidate agrees to ensure his/her availability for the Celebrity Experience on the date and time provided personally to such Confirmed Candidate over e-mail/phone. In the event of such Confirmed Candidate’s unavailability on the designated date and time, the Confirmed Candidate further agrees to inform us of the same immediately, without being entitled to any compensation for failure to avail the Celebrity Experience.
  12. The Selected Individuals agree to follow and obey all rules, instructions, directions, and requirements of Fankind.
  13. The Selected Individuals represent that they are in excellent mental and physical health, and that they are not aware of any reasons as to why they should not participate in the Celebrity Experience.
  14. Fankind will provide transport for the Selected Individuals from their town of residence in India to the venue of the Celebrity Experience. In the event the Selected Individuals do not reside in the city of the Celebrity Experience, Fankind will provide accommodation. The mode of transport and category of accommodation to be provided will be in the sole discretion of Fankind, the details of which will be provided to the Confirmed Candidate by e-mail.
  15. The Selected Individuals agree to appear on-camera, pose for still photography shoots and motion shoots in connection with the Campaign, the Celebrity Experience and for any other related matter as per the directions and requirements of Fankind. Further, the Selected Individuals agree to fully cooperate with Fankind for the purpose of advertising, promoting, or publicizing the Celebrity Experience or Fankind without any compensation. Any and all intellectual property created from such activities shall be solely owned, controlled and exploited by Fankind in perpetuity and the Selected Individuals release all their rights over such intellectual property (if any) in favour of Fankind.
  16. Fankind bears no responsibility for cancellation of the Celebrity Experience due to force majeure reasons.
  17. The Paintball experience and related sports gear, protective gear, colour pellets and paintball gun will be facilitated & provided by a third-party service provider. Fankind shall take all reasonable care while conducting the Celebrity Experience. Notwithstanding the above, it is the sole responsibility of the Selected Individuals to abide by the necessary safety protocols & instructions set forth by the service provider. The Selected Individuals agree that Fankind shall not be held responsible or liable for any mishap, accident, hurt, injury or damage caused in the course of the Celebrity Experience to the person or property of any or both of the Selected Individuals.
  18. Neither of the Selected Individuals can be chosen to be a part of or take part in more than 1 Fankind Celebrity Experience in the 12 months following a Donation(s) made through Fankind by such User who has been declared a Confirmed Candidate.

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