Have a virtual dinner date with Arjun Kapoor

And support GiveIndia

This experience has ended. With your love & contribution, through this campaign, we have been able to provide monthly stipend via cash in hand to 1200 unemployed migrant labourers. Scroll down to check out who the winners are.

  • Donate to financially help and support migrant workers & daily wagers who have lost their means of income or their jobs due to the lockdown.
  • Your donation will give you a chance to have a virtual dinner with Arjun Kapoor, over a video call on 11th April 2020. A total of 5 winners will be randomly selected.
  • We aim to directly support these families by providing them with cash in handThis cash will help them pay their rent, buy basic rations to feed their families & survive the sudden loss of income due to COVID-19
  • 100% of your donation will be used for the cause and transferred into the hands of the daily wage workers across 10 states in India
  • These unemployed individuals have been duly verified by GiveIndia
  • This experience is only open for Indian citizens. Every Indian donor gets an 80G tax exemption certificate for their donation.

When the winners met Arjun

The virtual dinner date began with Arjun Kapoor’s special dose of humour as he told his fans about how he had showered, dressed up and blow-dried his hair for this event! Arjun got to know Chhavi, Purvi, Himanshu, Neety and Disha one by one, and fans turned into friends! They spoke about everything under the sun! There were discussions on how Disha will be the ultimate Avenger for the world post this pandemic because she is studying to be a psychologist. There was talk about the highs and lows of the pandemic. There was chat about shows to binge-watch, tips on working out, and about Arjun Kapoor finding white hair in his beard! Arjun also told everyone the story about how he signed Ki and Ka, how patience is the key for getting through this global pause, and how the film industry is working from home. All in all, this chat was one happiness boost that is going to power us through the rest of the pandemic! After getting everyone to promise that they will not disconnect, Arjun even sang happy birthday for Disha and his twin sister! As the fans said, this was our favorite memory of lockdown!

About the charity

100% of the donations will be used for the cause.

This campaign will help provide cash in hand to casual labour families (construction workers, tailors, chai wallahs, cobblers, dhobis, rickshaw drivers etc) who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

With cash in hand, they will be able to pay rent & buy food to feed their familiesThese unemployed individuals are below the poverty line, and have been verified by GiveIndia - by calling to verify their loss of income and authenticating their identity by checking their Aadhar and Ration card details. 

The money is directly transferred into the accounts of the daily wagers. Neither Fankind nor GiveIndia will retain any fees. After the mission ends, GiveIndia will provide a Fund Utilisation Certificate attested by a CA, and the Give team will conduct verification visits to the beneficiaries when feasible.

Legal stuff

Our lawyers want you to know that:

  1. This experience is only available to citizens of India.
  2. Tax exemption certificate (the “80-G certificate”) issued under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 is available for citizens of India. After the transaction is completed, GiveIndia will issue and email the 80-G certificate to the Donor.
  3. The Donation is the qualification for an entry to win the Celebrity Experience. Each User is allowed a maximum of 10,000 entries, inclusive of paid entries, Bonus Entries & Referral Entries.
  4. The chosen Candidates for the Celebrity Experience with Arjun Kapoor (“Confirmed Candidates”) will be announced on 11th April, 2020.
  5. This Campaign qualifies for the redemption of Referral Entries earned by Fankind Account holders (via the Referral Program). They can be redeemed by the User at the checkout page.
  6. This experience will be fulfilled over video calls with Arjun Kapoor. The date, and time of the Celebrity Experience will be pre-determined by Fankind in consultation with the Celebrity and shall be subject to change at our sole discretion.
  7. The Confirmed Candidates (“Selected Individuals”) agree that they are voluntarily participating in the Campaign and Celebrity Experience as per the terms and conditions stated here (“Terms of Use”), the terms hereunder and in any other terms agreed to between Fankind and the Selected Individuals.
  8. The Celebrity has agreed to provide a wonderful Celebrity Experience solely out of their good faith and their compassion to help the Designated Charity. Hence, the Confirmed Candidates agree to ensure their availability for the Celebrity Experience on the date and time provided personally to such Confirmed Candidate over e-mail/phone. In the event of such Confirmed Candidate’s unavailability on the designated date and time, the Confirmed Candidate further agrees to inform us of the same immediately, without being entitled to any compensation for failure to avail the Celebrity Experience.
  9. The Selected Individuals agree to follow and obey all rules, instructions, directions, and requirements of Fankind.
  10. The Selected Individuals agree to appear on-camera and have their video call be recorded by Fankind. Further, the Selected Individuals agree to fully cooperate with Fankind for the purpose of advertising, promoting, or publicizing the Celebrity Experience without any compensation. Any and all intellectual property created from such above-mentioned activities shall be solely owned, controlled and exploited by Fankind in perpetuity and the Selected Individuals release all their rights over such intellectual property (if any) in favour of Fankind.
  11. Fankind bears no responsibility for cancellation of the Celebrity Experience due to force majeure reasons.
  12. Fankind shall take all reasonable care while conducting the Celebrity Experience. Notwithstanding the above, it is the sole responsibility of the Selected Individuals to abide by the necessary safety protocols & instructions set forth by the service provider. The Selected Individuals agree that Fankind shall not be held responsible or liable for any mishap, accident, hurt, injury or damage caused in the course of the Celebrity Experience to the person or property of any or both of the Selected Individuals.

All terms not defined hereinabove shall bear the meaning given to them in the Terms of Use. Further, all the aforementioned terms are to be read in consonance and harmony with the Terms of Use for Fankind.